Welcome to the spd-11 wiki

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About The spd-11 Wiki

This wiki is created to gather all the information one could need to use the Roland SPD-11 Total Percussion Pad.
If you're looking for the manual, go to Roland's manuals page.

the manual is no longer availabe on the official Roland site. but try this :

One of the main goals also is to provide information for a programmer who would be interested in making an editor for it being myself atm
(in case I can consider myself a programmer : D lol ).

The state this editor is in can be tested by downloading the file


and running it with a Java runtime environment.

There already was one project started: TDBrowser but I could not get it to work here,
and the author's e-mail isn't working,
some more info about that program would be interesting.
Maybe it only works with the sound card the author of TDBrowser used ?

Anyway, there's a much better way to go, a program to edit any synth's sysex info, with an easy to use driver API:


So that's the driver I started writing, a RolandSPD11 driver for JSynthLib.

And because there wasn't really much activity on the developers mailing list,
I also set up the jsynthlib wikispace for newbie driver programmers like me.
Any help there would be mostly appreciated.

There's also a facebook group for SPD-11 users (currently 3 members) and one for JSynthLib users.

Below is a screenshot of the current state of the patch editor.